Tiaras for Tatas

Fighting breast cancer one sparkly headpiece at a time.

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Fighting breast cancer one sparkly headpiece at a time.

Who we are: Five women who aren't afraid to wear a tiara in public, because we’re just that awesome, and because breast cancer is decidedly NOT awesome.

What we're doing: Using our powers of awesome and sparkly pink tiaras to raise money to support the ongoing fight against breast cancer by auctioning off special tiaras4tatas items.

All proceeds will go to support the Susan G Komen Foundation through the Global Race for the Cure being held in Washington, DC on June 4, 2011.

Yes, we’re all registered to run the race. And yes, we will all be running in our tiaras.

How can I help? Bid on our auction items. Follow us here on LJ, on Twitter at @tiaras4tatas, and on Flickr. Pimp us out (we’re easy). Or you can donate directly to the tiaras4tatas team here.

And if you happen to see us at one of the cons we’ll be attending, feel free to come over and say "hi". We may even have something sparkly and awesome to give to you in return.